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Starting our careers in the NHS as clinicians in mental health we built a strong foundation in understanding people and group dynamics. Moving to start our own agency we used this background to further develop our skills and experience as a consultancy and over the years we finely honed our service offer and expertise building a broad portfolio and establishing a strong foothold in the domains of software development, change, leadership, strategy and team development.

Magma works with leaders and teams supporting them to develop themselves, and their organisation by focusing on excellence relating to technology, people, and process. We understand that organisations have their own expertise, and we see our role being to enhance that, not replace it! We also know that winning the hearts and minds of your stakeholders can be difficult, and sometimes we all need a little bit of outside help to get momentum and make a lasting difference.

Our experience and learning have taught us that it is important to understand the interplay and interlocking of technology, people and process. Knowing how to align these and ensure they pull together is critical to adding value to our businesses. What we do, is help you to build the bridges between them all by bringing our expertise to sit alongside yours.

Our change and leadership consultants work on small and large pieces of work. We work with teams of 3-4 people up to very large teams and organisations. Given our background and years of learning about people and teams, we provide a broad portfolio of team & individual development services.

The Magma team are an experienced software team highly skilled in architecture and software development capable of tackling large and small software challenges. As well as completing software development our team provides support & coaching to technical teams and co-workers. We do this through the provision of coaching sessions, team development days, technical audits and mentoring from experienced technical leaders.

Magma are Lumina Spark and Lumina Emotion Practitioners and work with teams on team development days to help them increase their productivity and working relationships. We do this, by using a next-generation psychometric tool called Lumina Spark. The fun and interactive team development days brilliantly guide individuals as they visualise their team dynamics and increase their understanding of their own personality traits and others. During the day, conversations start up between team members as gain insight into how they could work more productively together.

Our team is available to work onsite or virtually, and our team development days can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. For more information contact Priscilla 0845 2416460.

Jeremy Coates

Jeremy Coates

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy embodies a unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen and a profoundly held passion to advocate for excellence and best practice. His clinical NHS background prior to founding Magma Digital, established his strong belief in doing the right thing the right way for customers and inspires his commitment to developing those around him to follow this lead both internally at Magma and externally through his Board memberships and speaking opportunities.

Priscilla Coates

Priscilla Coates

Change Consultant

Priscilla typifies a deep generalist. As a consultant she combines years of experience with a consistent pursuit of progressive knowledge and understanding which is reflected in her proactive consultancy practice. Balancing her depth and breadth of knowledge she facilitates the synthesis customers truly need.

Carrie Nestor

Carrie Nestor

Operations Director

Carrie represents the consummate professional. Building her seniority in management over a decade of leading teams and projects, her attention to detail and passion has positioned her as a specialist in rescuing failing projects and achieving success for clients. In short, if you could pick your team, she’d be in it.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Lead Engineer

Chris leads Magma’s engineering practice and team leadership. Combining his years of experience with his advanced technical skills, he expertly mentors our software engineers as they craft robust and custom-fit technical solution

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