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Five Key Social Media Trends in Journalism

Cision – a global communications software company – recently hosted a webinar with the BBC’s assistant editor of social news Mark Frankel. Mark oversees the BBC’s…

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Magma Announce Speakers at Two Technical Conferences

Magma Digital always encourages its staff to take part in public speaking, as contributing to the transfer of knowledge in our communities is very important…

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Birthday competitions, not one but two!

You may have heard that we are celebrating our 15th birthday this month, we are pretty excited about it! To mark the occasion we thought…

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TEDx Salford

The TEDx Conference in Salford on 21st October 2012, was my first experience of TEDx offline. I've seen a few of the talks online but…

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Win a Free Ticket to Whisky Web

The Competition Six of the Developers at Magma Digital Ltd will be heading up to Whisky Web on the 13th and 14th of April 2012 in…

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Changed blog software from Serendipity (s9y) to WordPress

This blog has been neglected far to long / often, partly because things are always so busy and partly the company and my personal twitter…

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Catch up, social networking, new staff …

It's been ages since I've blogged, partly since I've continued to keep up with twitter.com, which is a little like blogging but in text message…

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Traffic alerts via Twitter mashup with optional SMS

As a recent fan of twitter (you can follow me if you like) as a short (read text message length) form of blogging, I was…

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