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VMware need to re-run vmware-config.pl every reboot on linux

I found using VMware server or workstation on udev based linux kernel (2.6.x) hosts, that I had to re-run the vmware-config.pl script after every reboot – which is quite annoying when you want the guest OS to run as the service starts. The issue is that due to udev being a dynamic system, nodes are

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Segmentation fault using RPM

I’ve got a CentOS 4.2 machine (x86_64 variety) that usually runs very sweetly, with hindsight, the adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind! There I was doing the usual ‘yum update’ then the next thing ‘segmentation fault’ – agghhh! Anything I tried with yum resulted in the same problem, so turned

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