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International Women’s Day – Celebrating the Achievements of Women

With International Women’s Day approaching tomorrow, Magma want to join in the global celebrations and recognise the importance of the day. Since the early 1900’s when women began fighting for shorter hours, better pay and voting rights, International Women’s Day has been a reminder of the achievements women have made in pushing for equality. Significant

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Traffic alerts via Twitter mashup with optional SMS

As a recent fan of twitter (you can follow me if you like) as a short (read text message length) form of blogging, I was quite interested to spot a blog post from Andy Davies about using twitter to mashup with traffic data feeds. I used his technique, though in a simpler format e.g. I

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Cool Firefox plugin

Just discovered a new Firefox extension plugin today – ScribeFire (formerly performancing) which lets you create and edit blog posts direct from within the firefox interface. In fact this is my first post using it, so it’s a bit of a ‘test’ post! It’s pretty cool as it supports a wide variety of blogging APIs

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