Which Problem?

We know that all companies have problems and the first decision is which one to work on now? Using a design thinking methodology and creative problem-solving, we support leaders and teams to imagine possibilities, create options and make great decisions regarding technology, people, and process.

What can be a challenge, is winning the hearts and minds of your team and other stakeholders. Encouraging others to come on the journey with you, is where we can really help. We work with you and your team so that everyone deeply understands the interplay between technology, people and process in your organisation.

Working with very small teams (3-4 people) and large teams we bring our expertise to join with yours. The result is, together we build bridges between your technology, people and process in a strategic way that ensures they all pull in the same direction. We believe the key is collaboration. Nail that and we both add value to your business!

Our tech stack

Magma, are proficient in the majority of software languages and as such are skilled in providing on-site support to technical teams. We provide services in code audits, technical team development, coding standards & best practice guidance. If we can help your technical team please contact us for more information should you have any questions or to book us.

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