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A question we regularly ask our customers is, “what are your software challenges?” Clients approach us with a wide variety of technical issues and challenges related to their organisations. In order to fully understand a business and how we can help to reduce their technical headaches, we will spend considerable time listening, asking questions and getting to know them and their business. Our problem-solving approach helps to identify and solve technical software challenges you may also be facing. It can also help us identify which of our software services might be most appropriate to assist you.

software challenges?

The truth is, you may not know, not yet!

Many businesses understand that software is a critical element to success, but they do not know what their specific software challenges are. Over time businesses can inherit legacy software, introduce multiple new software packages and there appears to be no strategy and clarity around what you have, who uses and it how. Different departments may use different software and sharing data can be a nightmare. We all know that software challenges come in all shapes and sizes and we have experience of them all.

How do you know what is the best software for your business? There are so many options and everyone has a different opinion, so who is to be believed? Don’t leave these important decisions to the roll of a dice, we can help you put a plan in place, review your current software and guide your decision-making going forward. We don’t just create software, we can help advise you on it. You may not need us to create you any software, you might just need our advice a friendly ear, someone to help guide you!

We have been in the business of managing questions like this for nearly twenty years. Our software architects and engineers understand the software challenges you have, and we will have dealt with them before. We know it is essential to make the right decisions for your business. So we offer to work with you, to review your current code and software, provide you with an independent view and help you create a clear strategy to ensure you have the right critical systems in place. Having the right software to deliver efficiency, sustainability and create revenue streams which make a contribution to increasing bottom line profit is essential for growth.

As development partners, Magma is not an instruct; and see you in 3 months type of software agency!

Our approach is to fully understand your software challenges. We have worked on very large scale projects with teams of engineers and technical project managers and we have worked on small projects as well. So if you are looking to understand your software challenges, and need a safe pair of hands, get in touch. With over nineteen years commercial experience, we are very happy to discuss your software challenges with you and help to assess your current position and future goals. Working on a plan of action to get things moving for you.

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