Magma Digital Academy

Magma Digital are industry leading specialists within the software industry. Our Zend qualified software engineers are highly skilled in several technical frameworks and languages.

With over 15 years of experience, we have been approached by organisations and clients requesting us to train or develop specific skills in their current in house technical team. These companies typically need assistance when:

There has been a slow down in productivity; therefore it is essential that their technical team be trained to optimise efficiency.

Due to an update within the in-house software or technical language / framework, their developers need to be educated about new skills and software updates.

An organisation wants to enhance an individual(s) skill-set. Magma Digital can ensure that a developer’s skills can be updated in order to meet a business need.

In order to avoid technical debt, Magma Digital can test all developers and assess their training needs, to ensure an organisation can understand the technical skill-set of each team member.

There has been a merger or acquisition and in –house developers need to start working and developing a new system which they are not familiar with.

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