Software Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

Will the software you are purchasing support your business goals and stack up against software due-diligence?

A recent survey has shown that 75% of unsuccessful mergers and acquisitions were due to a failure to meet specific requirements of IT and software, for merging business critical supporting systems such as back-office systems and billing. Whilst the due-diligence process may have been robust in most other operational aspects, software due-diligence is often an area overlooked; evidence suggests that many software-enabled business change programmes suffer substantial time and budget overruns, do not deliver the desired outcome and are often written off.

Magma’s software due-diligence will highlight any technical risks by analysing the code, design, technology and quality to enable you to make an informed business decision. Our Software due-diligence team has a combination of technical expertise and business acumen they have reviewed hundreds of systems using custom tools and techniques.

We will provide you with an insight into:

• Security risks
• If the system can be easily modified and new features added
• Scalability risk and strengths
• Maintainability
• Automated tested
• System design, code size, technologies and code complexity
• Internationality and portability
• Identification of open source and third-party components
• Answer any specific questions and concerns you may have.

Magma will provide a high-quality software due-diligence report and act as an independent third party, due-diligence process to support acquisitions and mergers ensuring the highest degree of confidentiality.