Software Development & Maintenance Partner

Magma is a well-established software development & maintenance partner for many businesses. The development of software does not end when the product is handed over by the development team, even the best managed and architected system needs ongoing support. Whether your application was developed by Magma or another Software Agency we can provide support and maintain it to enable you to exploit the business benefits without having concerns over its stability.

Our software maintenance support includes:

• Support for Legacy Software Systems
• Skills transfer across the domain – reduction of risk
• Reporting and service reviews
• Application upgrading and patching
• New features build and third-party integrations
• Access control and security
• Bug fixing and troubleshooting
• Bug tracking and reporting

Why choose Magma’s maintenance support?

• Bespoke support and SLA’s to meet your business needs
• Technical excellence –our engineers have been writing code for 19 years
• Dedicated in-house team with knowledge of your domain – minimum of three Magma engineers will be trained on each domain
• Timely access to skilled experts who can resolve the immediate issue and devise an improvement plan

How does Magma’s Maintenance support work?

Clients are allocated an agreed number of maintenance days monthly which can be used for support, maintenance and the development of new features giving clients the confidence they have the appropriate support in place. Clients can call off time as required which will then be scheduled into Magma’s two-week Sprint. The client is advised of how much time a request will take before the work is started. Additional support days are available for purchase if required, where a client does not need support days for a specific system the maintenance package also covers consultancy and the development of new features.

Through our flexible maintenance packages, Magma can assist a company to extend the life of applications and ensure that business-critical applications are performing at optimum efficiency.

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