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Project Support is often needed when the facts tell you and your gut tells you that things are going off track. This is where Magma can help. Experienced in joining part way through projects, we can offer project support to help get things back on track using a hybrid of Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Maximising organisations critical business systems will help to improve efficiency, sustainability and productivity to help assist the growth of your business. It is likely that you will have one or more projects ongoing to help you manage and improve your organisations systems.

Projects as described above often start well and the focus appears to be clear and the teams are working well. However, over time the project can begin to fall off track for many reasons. This is where Magma can add value by providing you with project support.

All business critical software needs to be maintained at the very least, but most organisations that wish to grow and indeed stay competitive will require more than just maintenance. These aspiring businesses will need their software and systems to grow with them, to delight your customers and remain relevant and innovative in today’s rapidly changing world.

Magma offers a variety of project support services. Here are some examples of how we can help your organisation with project support.

Your organisation may currently have no experienced software developers in-house and you know or suspect that your critical business systems need attention.

You may have in-house software developers and a technical team, but they do not currently have the knowledge and skills required to take on your growth or improvement plans for the business and so you need some extra help to provide team and project support to your existing team.

You have a project that has already begun and for whatever reason, you have recognised that you now need either a team of software developers or an individual developer to get your project back on track with some project support.

Project support is a value-add service. We provide our customers with the benefit of our years of experience, knowledge and skills that they either have not got in-house or could not hope to attain in a short space of time. We enhance teams, we work alongside teams, we can lead teams. We also provide a complete project management & developer service for businesses that have only got access to one developer or none.

Our project support can facilitate you throughout any single part of a project life cycle, or through the whole thing. Our help can be tailored to suit your needs.

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