PHP Consultancy

Magma is a well-established agency delivering PHP Consultancy for over nineteen years. With a team of highly skilled consultants, that have experience of working with complex business critical systems employing PHP.

 As experts in PHP, we are highly experienced in delivering PHP Consultancy into organisations with in-house development teams or no developer resource. We are experienced in areas such as code audits, application development planning, performance research, security, maintainability and rescue plans.

 Our PHP consultancy experience includes providing organisations with input from our software engineers either onsite with our clients or remotely. Our team are highly competent working with a diverse range and size of enterprises.

 Our software engineers can provide you with an audit of in-house teams, their processes, skills, capacity and resilience. Providing managers with a baseline for software development and capacity planning.

If you need a green field system built in PHP or due to a merger/acquisition, you need to transfer your current technologies into PHP or another language,  Magma can offer PHP Consultancy tailored to your needs to work with your organisation providing consultancy advice for future development and sustainability.

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