Failed Software Project Adoption & Completion

Up to 40% of software development projects fail or exceed either their budget and timescale.If your software project has gone wrong or you have fallen out with your development partner, Magma with over 19 years of experience can get your project back on track. Our experienced developers have specialist skills in failed software project adoption & completion.

There are many reasons why software projects fail or the new software is not fit for purpose and you are left with no return on your investment and a software that is incomplete and stopping your business moving forward.

Your organisation may currently have one or more of these issues:

• Your software is incomplete and lacking features which enable you to implement it
• You have outsourced your project offshore and the quality is poor
• Your new software has been built on outdated code or frameworks
• You have worked with a lone developer who has moved on
• You have fallen out with your developer or partner organisation
• The software has bugs and technical debt
• You do not have the source code or documentation

Magma can help by applying our knowledge in failed software project adoption and completion

• Re-writing poor quality code and fixing the bugs
• Complete the missing features enabling you to implement the software and gain a business benefit
• Review and document the code
• Recovering lost source code and rebuilding lost code
• Completing your project and delivering your original specification

Magma’s experienced architects, software engineers and technical project managers can quickly assess the project and provide you with an action plan and quotation, while you focus on your business.

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