Our Services – what we do

develop new software and improve your existing software

generate engagement and on-boarding of Industry 4.0 and new technologies into your organisation

facilitate leaders and organisations to deliver change at all levels

We work with leaders and managers of organisations to develop themselves, and their organisation by focusing on excellence in relation to technology, people, and process. We know that winning hearts and minds of stakeholders can sometimes be difficult, and a little outside help can make all the difference.

With a very strong background in technology, people and process, we understand how they interplay within an organisation and we specialise in pulling all three together. We help you build the bridges between them within your ecosystem (organisation) so that they all pull in the same direction. We do this, from a foundation of deep knowledge and experience in the world of software development, technology and organisation development

How We Do It

Well, by working with Magma, you will get access to services underpinned by;

Business leaders with two decades of software development experience running an agency
Software Engineers experienced in problem-solving, architecture, and development of million pound & small projects
Consultants who have experience working in software and management consultancy as contractors for large corporates
Previous NHS Clinicians with many years of experience working with people in groups and as individuals
Technical Project Managers skilled in guiding projects to a successful close
Consultants who have led multi-million-pound change programmes, but love working with micro businesses too!

Our approach is simple!
We seek first to understand and then to be understood. Then its time to go and co-create!

Our team is made up of people who have come from both the Private and Public Sectors. We have developed or supported systems for organisations including; NHS, Pharmacy, Finance, Accountancy, Printing, Travel, Umbrella, Retail, Legal and Mechanical to name but a few.

We purposely offer a variety of services in Magma to suit large and small businesses.

Some people just need the support services of one software engineer on a pay-by-the-day basis. We can facilitate this for you.

For others, they may require the services of a team of engineers for a longer period of time. You might have an in-house development team that needs extra capacity. Or you may have an idea or some problems with your system and need a team for a period to help get things sorted. Or you need a new system built or a system integrating with Industry 4.0 technologies. Maybe you just want a code review with an independent view from an experienced software team?

Or it might be that you need Board level support. Magma can be called upon to sit in Board meetings to provide independent technical opinions and support a senior team, as they make decisions that involve technology with significant change. We can do this as a one-off meeting or we can join you in the Board meetings for a period of weeks to facilitate your process.

At Magma, we work to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.

Would you like to hear more? We would love to hear from you and see how we can help you move things forward!

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