Project Support

Maximising an organisations critical business systems, will help to improve efficiency, sustainability, productivity and help to assist the growth of a business. Nonetheless, all business critical software needs support in order to ensure that the functionality is sustained to a sufficient level, delivering excellent results that will implement on the core of the business, facilitating revenue.

Magma Digital offer a variety of services that will cater for an organisations software support requirements. These services will accommodate an organisation that:

Currently have no experienced software developers in house and their critical business systems demand attention.

Your software developers and technical team require training to keep them up to date.

Your business demands either a team of software developers or an individual to get your project back on track. The difficulty of the project will entitle the skill level of the team or individual.

Your organisation is experiencing constant issues with your software systems, these need to be resolved rapidly and conveniently.

Software support within a project is essential throughout any part of a projects life cycle, depending on the organisations needs. Magma Digital provide customised support services that will fulfil an organisations requirements, offering flexible contracts for support, including pay by time and materials contracts and retained services for a monthly payment.