Project Adoption

Software is a core asset to any business, it is essential that your business critical systems are not limiting your growth, but instead, are working towards maximising your productivity and offering outstanding services to each of your stakeholders. Project adoption is an efficient way of handing over software projects that need input to get them back on track and completed.

Whether your project has come to a standstill and you are not seeing operational results, or you don’t have the specialists or in-house knowledge to support further development. Magma offers a team of specialists, whose expertise in investigating, understanding, challenging and working collaboratively with your organisation will create solutions which will bring your project back on track through project adoption.

Magma fulfils a project scope, maximising our clients’ core assets. We focus n achieving value for their budget, working within set timescales and delivering a measurable return on investment. Our technical project managers and client relationship executives are experienced in agile and other project management methodologies; ensuring that your business process systems have the functionality to develop and scale at the same pace as your organisation growth.

“They treated our business as their own and went to great lengths to understand our business needs, thus ensuring that they provided exactly the right solution” – Helen Broughton, Director, Danbro.