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Linux server performance investigation toolkit

Following on from a talk I gave at PHPNW last year, here’s a summarised version of the tools and approaches we’ve used to track down performance issues. I’m not prescribing a specific order in which these tools are to be used and this is not a silver bullet. Instead, I’d like to think of this

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777 file permissions not a solution for those without knowledge

Got a call today from one of our customers suppliers, a marketing company, who were trying to upload some blog software and wondered why their account quota had maxed out. The implication was that we’d set the quota too low (already at ~750Mb). After some investigation, it turns out that the blog software in question

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Segmentation fault using RPM

I’ve got a CentOS 4.2 machine (x86_64 variety) that usually runs very sweetly, with hindsight, the adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind! There I was doing the usual ‘yum update’ then the next thing ‘segmentation fault’ – agghhh! Anything I tried with yum resulted in the same problem, so turned

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