Women in Tech
Women in Tech

I have recently been to two events that were 'Women in Tech' events and I have thoroughly enjoyed them both. I enjoy meeting new and…

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Software: Risks and rewards of your company’s software

Custom-built software needs to create business value, and the higher its quality, the more value it creates. Quality has many components, including reliability, scalability, functionality,…

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Software Development & Maintenance Partner
Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption is one of those buzz phrases that you hear a lot at the moment at events and seminars. The phrase means different things to…

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mergers and acquisitions
75% of Mergers and Acquisitions Fail Due to Unsuccessful Software System Integration

Many organisations do not comprehend the potential software implications when buying or selling an organisation. IT infrastructures pose a huge challenge during mergers and acquisitions,…

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Digital Strategy
Five Key Social Media Trends in Journalism

Cision – a global communications software company – recently hosted a webinar with the BBC’s assistant editor of social news Mark Frankel. Mark oversees the BBC’s…

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