Our process

From the inception of our clients’ vision to the implementation of the final software product, we believe that it is essential for our clients to clearly understand the services that they will receive.

There are three core stages within the software development process.  These are inception, development, and delivery & maintenance.  Each stage demonstrates which services will be provided during a project at that particular time.

Communication is a core aspect to the relationship between Magma Digital and our clients.  The software development process allows our clients to be able to understand what particular stage their project is at, and what needs to be done next to deliver your project on time and to budget.

Magma Digital recognise that it is essential for our clients to be able to continue business as usual, whilst a project is in progress.  Therefore, we work alongside our clients to ensure that we deliver a weekly progress report, the software development process informs our clients on the development and timescale of their project.