Our process

Our process, from the inception of our customers vision to the implementation of the final software product, we believe that it is essential for our clients to clearly understand our process.

We use a three-stage approach to software development has three core stages.  These are inception, development, and delivery & maintenance.   Each stage demonstrates which services will be provided during a project at that particular time.

Communication and co-creation are a core aspect to the relationship between Magma Digital and our customers.  The software development process allows our clients to be able to understand what particular stage their project is at, and what needs to be done next to deliver your project on time and to budget.

Magma Digital recognise that it is essential for our customers to be able to continue business as usual, whilst a project is in progress.   Therefore, our process enables us to work alongside customers to ensure that we deliver little and often so that you can test it and review it before it goes live. Our process also allows for behaviour driven development meaning that you can influence the development based on your knowledge of your business and your users. This way we can integrate changes into existing systems and ways of working that do not lead to unexpected consequences.

As with all our work, our process is flexible. It follows a logical progression of stages, but the philosophy of co-creation that underpins who we are, heavily influences our process and the way we will individually tailor the way of working with you.

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