Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an approach that Magma Digital employ in order to improve communication between our clients and create software with the greatest business value.

In order for software to increase revenues, improve efficiency and create a high return on investment, it is essential to understand the core business goals which will be achieved from the implementation of software.  In BDD, this becomes the underlying aspect behind the project.

BDD is a specification building which focuses on the behaviour of the user’s interaction with the software.  Deconstructing our client’s  requirements and specifications into possible scenario’s, BDD allows our team of technical experts to investigate, understand and challenge our clients, creating ideas which improve the usability of their applications.

Analysing behaviour, patterns and themes does not only allow Magma Digital to create excellent software, but construct applications that are bespoke, to fulfil the design and usability needs of our clients’ stakeholders.