Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is a project management technique which we use and teach within Magma to all our software engineers and technical project managers. All of our projects at Magma use an iterative agile project management approach.

Agile software development (ASD) creates a flexible approach, applying a level of pragmatism into the delivery of a completed project for businesses. The agile methodology relies upon a close working relationship between the client and the developers facilitated by the technical project managers and business analysts.

Our approach to an agile methodology is to create a project plan of our clients’ software development requirements, which are then prioritised and divided into usually a two-week sprint.  During this time period, our specialist development teams have daily meetings (stand-ups) to ensure that all our projects are on track and progressing towards completion. Once completed we use a sprint retrospective meeting to assess the software development process.

By following an agile methodology, the team at Magma are able to work in short sprints with clients so that they remain close to the delivery of their project. Clients see regular updates of their development project and so together we can ensure the project stays on track and retains a focus on the desired requirements.

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