About us

Magma was established in 1999, by Jeremy and Priscilla Coates based in Chorley, Lancashire – Magma are co-creators!

We co-create with our customers. We work together with them to specifically build on their business dreams relating to software, new technology on-boarding, and leadership & organisation development.

What we do:

develop new software and improve your existing software

generate engagement and on-boarding of Industry 4.0 and new technologies into your organisation

facilitate leaders and organisations to deliver change at all levels and organisation development

We work with emerging leaders and leaders of organisations to develop themselves and their organisation through a focus on excellence through technology, people and process. With a strong background in working with people and systems we understand the interplay of both within an organisation. We specialize in building the bridges between technology and people within the context or an organisation. We support leaders and managers to develop their organisations from a foundation of deep knowledge and experience in technology and organisation development.

How do we do this:

We have Software Engineer teams that build new software and improve existing legacy software
We have Consultants that advise organisation managers, leaders and boards on technology, people and process
We produce software products that meet specific business needs

We work with all sizes of organisations and have vast experience with the SME market; as well as with larger organisations, managing multi-million pound change programmes and million pound software projects.

Our development team build business critical systems that sit within the core of an organisation, delivering efficiency, sustainability and improved technological processes. For example, payroll, KPI management systems, risk management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-learning, booking systems, e-commerce and much more.

As a software development agency, we have experience of working with many diverse industries across both the private and public sector. These include manufacturing, accountancy, professional services, entertainment & leisure, retail, healthcare, legal, education & training, insurance, travel, marketing, e-commerce, advertising and logistics.




All of our engineers work towards Zend Certification to demonstrate and measure their skill and competence. As a software development agency, we are proud to have employed 1% of all Zend Certified Software Engineers in the UK at one point in time. We also pride ourselves on the use of open source software for our client projects, in which software engineers collaboratively improve, develop and test code, sharing ideas in the community.


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