Women in Tech

Women in Tech

I have recently been to two events that were ‘Women in Tech’ events and I have thoroughly enjoyed them both. I enjoy meeting new and like-minded people and chewing the cud!

There were some interesting themes and comments that came out of these two events and I am going to share that learning with you now for just a few minutes.

A member of the audience raised the issue of not only attracting women into tech but keeping them there once they have joined. “There is no point in building the pipeline if they don’t stay” another commented. The discussion explored some of the reasons why women choose not to enter the sector and some issues that may lead to them leaving once joined.

Another discussion thread highlighted the need for diversity in the design and build of products, we were specifically focusing on Artifical Intelligence (AI) in this particular event. The breadth of knowledge and experience brought by a diverse team was deemed an extremely important factor for any group to explore when pulling their dream team together.

The panel gave some great advice to women in tech or getting into tech, suggesting that they get out there and tell their story. We all love to hear stories and tend to be interested in hearing about people and what they get up to. Someone else asked how we bridge the gap between traditional industry approaches and new technologies and what support and training is available for employers and employees to help them reap the benefits of Industry 4.0? There was a debate around how the academic institutions and industry are working together, but that there is so much more to be done.

Finally, the audience at both women in tech events were encouraged to just have a go, to get started and ask for support and help along the way. The overwhelming sense in the room at both events was that people wanted to get involved and were willing to help others get involved at whatever level. I left both sessions feeling quite uplifted if I am honest. There was no group-hug or hoorah! from the pulpit, but it felt like we were being invited to tap into our inner creativity and passion and just crack on!

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