Software: Risks and rewards of your company’s software

Custom-built software needs to create business value, and the higher its quality, the more value it creates.

Quality has many components, including reliability, scalability, functionality, security, performance, ease of use, and ability to add new features. Value is also impacted by the risks.

Low quality externally facing software is vulnerable to cybercrime and can result in financial loss through theft, reparations to customers affected by problems, lawsuits and harm to brand image.

Even with low-quality internal software, and older legacy software, there is a risk of slower user adoption, costlier maintenance, reduced business benefits and hindered business growth.

So, what does good quality software look like?

Good and bad software

The diagram of software code on the left is from a problematic legacy system; the large red circles represent files of huge complexity which are difficult to maintain, add new functionality and have structural issues. The diagram on the right represents code written utilising the latest best practice.

Whether it’s used by customers or employees, improving quality of custom software has real business benefits, investing for better applications, better adoption, better processes, can deliver significant financial returns.

Software is at the heart of every organisation, impacting the business value, quality custom software is the only way to create the applications that successful businesses need.

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