Search and Social Media Marketing

Search and Social Media Marketing

Search and social media marketing skills were identified as one of my continuous development objectives as part of my work appraisal. I spent some time researching options, and it was agreed that I would attend the Search and Social Media Marketing course run by

My preferred learning style combines a love of all things theoretical, with the requirement for hands-on and visual learning through example. The Salford University course appeared to provide this blended mix, so I signed up. The course was called Search and Social Media Marketing and the class ran once a week in an evening.

I was not disappointed by this course at all. The tutors were very knowledgeable and friendly. The course provided up-to-date information about current technologies and trends. The use of external industry speakers was a useful addition and provided a different perspective to the university tutors. the variety of speakers and tutors gave the students a refreshing taste of different presentation styles. I enjoyed the mix of academic tutor led sessions and real world industry speakers.

On the course, we were provided with a blended mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Personally, I really liked this as it suited my learning style. From the feedback the students gave in the class it seemed that most people found this a useful approach to learning. Another aspect of this course that I enjoyed was the hands-on use of applications and platforms. Getting to play with software during the class sessions, helped solidify the learning and use of tools in the real world.

The casual but professional approach to the course meant that it was a friendly and welcoming experience. There was a good mix of people in the class, some of whom had clearly learnt about social media and marketing previously. There were also some students who were complete beginners. The use of quiz games like Kahoot brought a slightly competitive edge to the learning but it was always handled in a fun way that no-one could find off-putting. I found the mix of student knowledge and skills actually worked really well. The mix of backgrounds and skills made the sessions interesting and dynamic as students shared their experiences and asked questions. The class felt like a safe place to ask the “stupid” questions and the speakers and tutors were always helpful and on-hand to help.

In summary, I would highly recommend this course to a complete beginner or someone looking to advance their skills in Search and Social Media Marketing. I am very glad that I attended this course and it definitely motivated me to use my new skills in my daily work.




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