Magma Digital were approached by a company which had a turnover of €600 Million. The organisation had a number of software systems in place and was reliant on a lone developer who was the only person who understood the applications and no documentation had ever been written. Due to gross misconduct the individual quickly left the organisation, leaving their systems totally unsupported and undocumented.

After analysis and a full code and application review the clients software systems, we were quickly able to transfer their current systems onto a new hosting environment, which increased the control, quality and security of their software. Our team of software engineers documented the applications, and provided essential support and maintenance and were able to identify opportunities to increase functionality and efficiency.

Magma Digital understood that it was essential for our client’s software to be understood and supported rapidly.  Our team of industry leading software engineers, worked within set timescales and budgets in order to ensure excellent results for the client, enhancing their software systems, increasing their bottom line profit.

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