At Magma Digital we believe it is essential that we understand our client’s short term, medium term and long term business aspirations, in order to ensure that their software applications can sufficiently support the growth of their organisation.

A business that had a 75% increase of turnover in less than 12 months approached Magma Digital, as they were having difficulty maximising their online e-commerce. Due to the high level of demand for stock online, their systems began to fail and could not manage the high level of orders. This disrupted their core business, as customer care levels began to drop and their software systems were not reliable, efficient, and secure and would not report key inventory management information.

Magma Digital completed a technical investigation on their software, and realised that their systems were running on out dated legacy code. Therefore, the code was susceptible to bugs, which made their systems inefficient, not scalable and at constant risk of going down. Due to the fact that the business grew rapidly the software was written quickly and contain an unacceptable amount of technical debt.

Once Magma Digital began to construct efficient software for the client, we were able to develop their new systems in line with their business requirements. The tailored software maximised productivity, customer care and online sales, increasing the client’s bottom line profits.

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