Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Securing a contract more than £150,000, within a minimum timescale of three months. A globally operating client needed some specific customisation of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software due to rapid expansion and the need for more tailored reporting. However, they were locked into a single ERP vendor and had no negotiation power when they received a significantly higher quotation for what they required.

Magma Digital constructed a bespoke software application, that integrated within their ERP system at a fraction of the cost, and timescale, which met the needs of the business.

According to Priscilla Coates, Managing Director of Magma Digital, ‘our client saw huge benefits from the customised system that we built for them. The software application enabled our client to have the ability to analyse core business patterns, with a far richer data set. This then enabled them to predict accurate forecasts of their inventory, ensuring they utilised just in time principles, contributing to increasing their bottom-line profit.’

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