We Have 1% of the UK’s Top PHP Engineers

Magma Digital are delighted to announce that we have two newly qualified Zend Certified PHP Engineers. Liam and Chris are the latest PHP Engineers to join the hall of fame at Magma Digital. Our standard is that all of our PHP Engineers will complete the Zend Certification Exam (ZCE) whilst on the team. Our specialism as a software development agency, is in the PHP software programming language and the Zend Certification demonstrates a high degree of PHP proficiency. We are also highly proficient in many other languages and technologies.


PHP Engineer Standards

The PHP Engineers at Magma Digital have to meet certain standards. The ZCE represents a measure of technical distinction within the software industry. Therefore, we set the bar for all our engineers to meet this standard. We are proud to have over 70% of our engineers Zend Certified. There are only 842 Zend Certified PHP Engineers in the whole of the UK and impressively, we can now lay claim to having 1% of the overall number.

Furthermore, in our eighteen-year old PHP Engineer, Liam Walder, Magma Digital also has one of the youngest software engineers in the UK to hold the qualification. This is a noteworthy achievement for our former apprentice, particularly since National Apprenticeship Week has just passed.

Liam is a leading example of how apprenticeships can benefit an individual, a company and in turn, the economy as a whole. We are particularly proud of his remarkable progress at the company and you will hear more from Liam in an upcoming feature on his experience of the process of becoming Zend certified.

Having a team of high calibre PHP Engineers helps us to maintain and raise standards, to continue delivering our clients the highest level of technical distinction in regards to bespoke software development and PHP consultancy.

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