Happy New Year: Magma Digital’s Plans for 2015

The new year is upon us. Christmas trees are coming down and its time to put the festive frivolity behind us. It’s back to business as usual. Or, maybe not…

For us, 2015 will be a year of significant change at Magma Digital. Last year was our 15th birthday and a trio of prestigious awards soon followed (maybe good things do come in threes after all).

After a bit of celebrating (okay, more than a bit), we realised there needed to be a period of reflection; so that we could take stock and begin to contemplate and consider where we wanted to take the business in the near future.

Plans are now being formed and we have already brought in, towards the end of 2014, some new members of staff to drive Magma Digital forward. We are bedding in new processes and systems to improve how we work. As a result of that, you could say that we’re analogous to a football team in a period of transition. There might be some new tactics and personnel but the overall identity and ethos is still the same.

There have been some changes within the management team with Jeremy and Priscilla still at the helm. Jeremy is now CEO, with a key focus on vision, new business and strategy. Priscilla assumes the mantle of managing director from Jeremy, after his many years in that role.

Joining the management team you will have seen that we have appointed Barry, as director of operations and Matt, as technical team lead. With these personnel changes, there also comes system and process changes. These are all part of the 2015 master plan to improve our efficiency, effectiveness and customer service, both internally and externally.

Consequently, with all this internal focus and our eyes on our customers goals, we do not anticipate entering as many awards this year. We expect 2015 will be another year of growth for Magma Digital underpinned by some consolidation and change.

We are looking to implement new exciting ideas for customers and at the same time, focus on some internal improvements to make our delivery even better than it was. In some cases, the benefits will be seen immediately and some won’t be apparent until we lead into 2016.

An organisation is a little bit like a living thing: a tree or a shrub for example. There are seasons when you carry out different tasks to nurture and tend to the plant, all of which leads to the end goal of growth. We are focusing on specific tasks during 2015 that are part of our bucket list for the next 12 months of Magma Digital.

Some of the items on this list will be internally focused and some will be external. Our main aim or resolution (whatever you want to call it this January) is to innovate and consolidate, while continuing to drive towards another new period of growth and sustainability.

But that’s enough about us; what are your plans/resolutions for the year ahead? Let us know in the comments below.

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