Here comes another Zend Certified PHP Engineer!

At Magma we are all about professional development and a key part of this is ensuring our high calibre Software Developers are at the top of their game when it comes to their PHP development expertise. This is why we are very proud to announce that Brian is now a Zend Certified PHP Engineer!

After having his head in some very large books for a while, Brian has passed the exam and adds to our company’s roster of PHP developers who possess this coveted qualification. There are a limited number of Zend Certified PHP Developers in the country, therefore Magma having almost half of its team certified is a pretty phenomenal achievement!

We encourage our Developers to sit the exam because it is a fantastic metric for fulfilling our quality assurance programme. The ‘Zend Certified PHP Engineer’ credential demonstrates the highest degree of PHP proficiency and this means we can offer our clients the highest level of technical distinction when it comes to software development. So you can see why we are so happy to be knee-deep in top Web Developers!

We hope to add more names to our list of Zend Certified Engineers in the near future as we have paid for seven more exams to be taken over the next 12 months. All developers who join our team are fully supported in working towards becoming Zend certified, a great reason to join the team!

If working in a team of industry thought leaders sounds like something you would be interested in then please get in touch. We’re looking for a talented PHP Developer to join our growing team! Find out more on our careers page.

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