Jeremy Talks On Open-Source Software vs. Proprietary Software

On the 11th December, Ltd hosted a round-table event to debate the topic of open-source software (OSS) vs. proprietary software. Our very own Jeremy Coates was invited to attend and contribute to the discussion. We would like to say a huge thank you to UKFast for this opportunity, Jeremy very much enjoyed his trip to their impressive offices!

The remit of the round-table events is to stimulate interesting discussion between experts in the field of technology and the internet. We were thrilled to hear Jeremy had been invited as a thought-leader in the software field. The debate was recorded in three parts, which you can find below the corresponding paragraphs.

The debate is becoming increasingly relevant as companies looking for open-source solutions to help their budget go further are increasing, many are apprehensive about the associated risk/accountability issues. Proprietary software can be costly but as one of our Developers, Damien, mentioned the phrase, “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” was particularly prominent in the 1980s.

Times have moved on though and while the accountability provided by proprietary software can be a benefit in certain scenarios, this is now decreasing in prevalence with the knowledge/talent base in the communities behind open-source software improving. It was noted that for creative/experimental projects, where an agile way of working is required, open-source software is more likely to be the best fit.

Therefore, it is a case of remaining open-minded and not deciding which type is best as part of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but finding the most suitable solution to satisfy the goals of projects on an individual basis.

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