The Manufacturing Industry in the UK

On the 25th June, some of the Magma Digital team attended the Make It Britain Conference, which was organised by EEF (UK manufacturing trade body) and sponsored by Siemens. The aim of the conference was to discuss the current and future trends of UK manufacturing, while also commemorating historical achievements.bloodhand

More recently we visited the Made In The UK Conference & Exhibition, which was a 2 day event hosted by Insider Media. The focus of this event was on the latest technological advancements in key sectors and how businesses can support the manufacturing supply chain.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the Bloodhound supersonic car, a remarkable feat for British engineering, having been designed and constructed in the UK.

Manufacturing and the associated industries are a key driver for the UK economy and the strength of the pound (currency). Recent research by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) shows that this is of particular importance to SMEs involved in the industry, as they are now achieving the highest rates of job creation. Manufacturing employment generally is rising due to improved inflows of new business, investment from the government and increased production.

Magma Digital left both conferences in awe of the achievements of our manufacturing industry and we wanted to share the most interesting and topical information that we learnt from these two inspiring conferences. However, showcasing the feats of the manufacturing industry past and present, whilst also outlining the vision for the future would be beyond the remit of an individual blog.

Therefore this will be the first part of a manufacturing blog series that will cover past manufacturing successes, current trends, the vision for the future, the skills gap, as well as some individual sector showcases e.g. shale gas/fracking.

The beginning of the Make It Britain conference hammered home the fact that the British manufacturing industry has a first-class proven track record for delivering revolutionary products and innovations. As Terry Scuoler, CEO of EEF, stated in his foreword, “We are a nation of inventors.”

The next blog in this series will highlight the best inventions to come out of the UK. Stay tuned for updates! Would your manufacturing business’ supply chain performance benefit from bespoke software platforms?

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