Manchester Digital Talent Day – Steph’s Story!


In our last blog post we mentioned that Magma would be attending the Manchester Digital Talent Day and we are happy to report that we had a wonderfully enjoyable day chatting with all the digital-savvy students.They had a fantastic time talking with Priscilla and I too, obviously!

With more than 80 employers being present and upwards of 1000 students visiting over the course of the day it was the most successful talent day yet! I think the highlight of the day for us was meeting a very keen student who visited our stand with his CV enclosed in a personalised Magma Digital envelope. We love that kind of attention to detail at Magma!

There was a little teaser in the last blog regarding scouting Steph, one of Magma’s Web Developers, from the talent day last year. As promised we are now sharing her story with you in its full glory. Please keep reading for a question and answer session with Steph on how she went from being a talent day attendee to a Magma Digital employee!

1. What motivated you to attend the talent day last year?


When the talent day was announced last year I was already looking for a graduate job. I had been to a couple of careers days before and there were a lot of big companies around but I hadn’t really found anything that seemed interesting to me. The talent day seemed to be exactly what I was looking for as it was full of small, local companies and I was happy to attend.


2. Before going, what were you hoping to get out of the day?

I was looking to find out more about graduate schemes/jobs and hopefully find some which I would like to apply for.

3. So I’m guessing you were a little shocked to get a call from our Managing Director the next day?
I have to admit I was pretty shocked. Especially when he told me he wanted me to come in for an interview for an internship to start as soon as possible! I wasn’t expecting it at all.

4. Please could you talk us through the process from that phone call from Jeremy to receiving a coveted Magma job offer?

When Jeremy rang he offered me an interview for an internship, which would involve working part time while I was at university and it seemed really flexible so I went for it. There was a technical test and then an interview about my previous experience. It all felt very relaxed and friendly. I got a call almost immediately after my interview asking when I could start! I worked one day a week while at uni and I then started full time in July after everything seemed to be going well.

5. What would you recommend students do to prepare for attending next year’s talent day?
Make sure you have a look at which companies will be attending the talent day, pinpoint who you MUST talk to on the day and try to think of conversation starters. Make sure you have copies of your CV to hand out as it makes you look prepared. I would highly recommend booking into the CV workshop as I found this really useful to get feedback on my own CV. It is important to know what you are looking for and why you are interested in that industry/company as these are questions you will get asked over and over again.

6. Finally, how has your first year at Magma gone? Glad you came and spoke to us?!
Working at Magma has been great fun. I love the agency environment, it is why I was so keen to work here in the first place. You are exposed to so many different types of projects, clients and technologies, so there is never a dull moment! I have learned so much in such a short space of time, which is ideal for when you are kick-starting your career.

If working in a team of industry thought leaders sounds like something you would be interested in then please get in touch. We’re looking for a talented PHP Developer to join our growing team! Find out more on our careers page.

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