Magma Digital Supports The Foxton Centre

The Foxton Centre is one of our favourite charities. The local charity has been heavily involved with supporting the disadvantaged people of Preston for the past 40 years. Magma values the services that the centre runs for the local community and we are proud to be lending a helping hand to the charity.

Magma believes in supporting all the communities that we work with and helping The Foxton Centre fits well with the ethical and responsible manner in which we strive to do business. Jeremy and Priscilla have been involved as volunteers or supporting voluntary work since their student days and are acutely aware of the importance of The Foxton Centre’s work.

It is a real pleasure to help a local charity that is often overlooked but is most definitely needed in our city. We wanted not just to support this charity in general ways, but to particularly help them with the unsung aspects of their work.

Magma Digital is funding The Foxton Centre's community cafe

Magma has donated a lump sum to fund the charity’s community cafe for a month, as well as paying for significant amounts of essential supplies that are desperately needed from The Foxton Centre’s wish-list. These supplies include sleeping bags, warm clothes and toiletry supplies for the rough sleepers of Preston.

Tim Keightley, The Foxton Centre’s CEO said, “We are very pleased and thankful to be supported by and associated with Magma Digital in this way.“

This is a constructive way to help the homeless. Not only does it keep rough sleepers warm and dry, when they attend the centre for food it provides the staff with an opportunity to get to the root causes of their situation. The Foxton Centre served over 3000 meals to homeless or vulnerably housed adults last year.

The Preston charity is currently running twelve different projects within the local area and you can keep up to date with everything they are involved with here.

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