Magma Digital Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2014

apprenticeships logoNational Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is now upon us and we want to help celebrate it and highlight its importance. Key aims for the week include increasing awareness, understanding and demand for Apprenticeships while celebrating existing Apprenticeship talent, skills, achievements and successes.

It is becoming apparent that the objective regarding awareness and understanding is of critical importance. Recent research has shown that only a quarter of 14 to 25-year-olds had received information on starting Apprenticeships.

An article on NAW showed that even students who are aware of Apprenticeships are not getting the help they need. The young Apprentice in the article claimed she had to educate her careers advisor about Apprenticeships as “she didn’t even know what they were.”

The Richard Review of Apprenticeships by the Department for Education showed that only one in ten small and medium enterprises offer Apprenticeships. Lord Andrew Adonis, the previous Minister for Schools, has also criticised the quality of many existing Apprenticeships. Almost half of all Apprenticeships last one year or less, with many only being a matter of weeks and barely half of the 126,000 Apprentices under 19 are studying at the equivalent of A-level or higher.

It is clear that there is a lot of room for improvement and that is why we want to celebrate and promote NAW and its objectives. We take Apprenticeships very seriously at Magma and are proud of our own successful Apprenticeship scheme.

17 year old Liam recently secured a full time, permanent position after completing a 14-month Apprenticeship at our agency. Liam said: “An Apprenticeship is an option I would highly recommend to any young person wanting to kick start their career. I am avoiding accruing student debt and have had the chance to benefit from commercial exposure to clients and business projects.”

Liam Walder Apprentice Job Success

Magma Digital have an established history of giving young, talented people a chance in the workplace and are proud members of the National Apprenticeship Scheme. If you want to learn more about Liam’s Apprenticeship and the opportunities we provide for young people,  please head to our recent post all about Liam’s successful transition from Apprentice to Web Developer.

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