International Women’s Day – Celebrating the Achievements of Women

womens dayWith International Women’s Day approaching tomorrow, Magma want to join in the global celebrations and recognise the importance of the day. Since the early 1900’s when women began fighting for shorter hours, better pay and voting rights, International Women’s Day has been a reminder of the achievements women have made in pushing for equality.

Significant progress has been made with society’s views, attitudes and actions to women. Now annually on the 8th March thousands of events take place around the world to celebrate women’s achievements and inspire further change and improvement.

This provides us with a chance to recognise the wonderful women we have in our office. With low representation of females  in the tech/digital sector being a prevalent issue, we are proud to have seven women helping to make up our nineteen strong team (37%).

Within the technology industry, particularly in technical roles, the industry is notorious for being male dominated. In the UK, only 13% of all STEM jobs are held by women. In our technical roles, the Web Developers, 20% are female. While we are happy to be above the average, we are aware that there is still room for improvement.

We recruit based on skills and suitability, as we only want the best for our clients. We hire individuals with talent, potential and the same passion as the rest of the team. From the Director to Developers, we are committed to producing a team of only the best. It just so happens that many are women! Lets’ take a look…

Priscilla, the Director, is a driving force behind all of the projects that we work on. A lack of women in leadership positions is an issue that is widespread across all industries, with a recent survey showing that 10% of Fortune 500 companies still employ no women on their boards. It is great to have Priscilla on the board, especially when you consider that companies with female board directors perform better! 

Colette, a Project Manager, works closely with Priscilla to ensure projects are running on time and on budget. She possesses the PRINCE2 qualification, a qualification that is widely regarded as the industry standard  process based method for effective project management.

Our Senior Designer, Kerry, produces a number of materials such as flyers, exhibition banners and stationary in order to drive traffic to the organisation website and bring attention to the materials. She also works on creating clean, usable websites for our Clients.

Heather, our Marketing Executive, joined our team as part of her university studies in 2011. This was our first role in marketing. Heather then continued part-time whilst she finished her degree and now works on a full-time permanent basis.

As well as the leading female figures of the team, we have three other female members of staff. There are the two aforementioned female Web Developers, Steph and Jen, as well as Emma, who serves as the agency’s Administrator. She is responsible for everything from domain registration and hosting to invoicing and HR.

International Women’s Day is in place in order to recognise women and show them they can be who they want to be. We hope to help inspire positive change for increasing the representation of women in technology. Through our local community efforts with universities and Apprenticeships, we want to make it known that the technology industry isn’t off limits for women.

In fact, we are hiring now! So why not see if you could be the new PHP Developer we’ve been looking for. For more information visit our careers page.

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