Drum roll please… The birthday competition results are in!

As we enter the final week of Magma’s 15th birthday month, the time now comes to announce the winners of our competitions. First and foremost however, we want to say a great, big thank you to all those who entered and promoted our competitions, we are very grateful!

We ran two competitions, with the first competition involving posting a memorable birthday story on our Facebook wall, including a photo. The prize was £150 worth of Red Letter Day vouchers.  We were very impressed and amused by the entries! Dancing with Elmo- competition entry

It was a very tough call to pick a winner but after much deliberation we have made a decision. Congratulations to Kevin Friend who sent in this amazing picture of him performing the hula with Elmo at Sesame Palace in Pensylvannia! We thought this was a truly quirky experience and what’s more, the colourful Hawaiian lei garland really suited you!

The second competition was aimed at PHP Developers and required entrants to submit lines of code showcasing their affection for our favourite programming language, PHP. The prize was a ticket worth over £300 to WeCamp conference on the private island of De Kluut.

The winner of this special prize is Alexander Kluth. Congratulations! Alexander rather cheekily proclaimed in his entry that “I think this little text and code should be enough to win a WeCamp 2014 ticket ” and it turns out he wasn’t wrong. Nothing like a bit of well-placed confidence, we like the cut of your jib Alexander!

Once again, we would like to offer our thanks to everyone who took part, we really appreciate it! Please remember to like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the Magma fun!

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