ZCE Success for Another Magma Web Developer

Alan - PHP Expert

We are delighted to announce that Alan, one of our PHP Web Developers, has passed the Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineer exam and has received official recognition of his expertise in PHP technology.

The Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) certificate is the internationally acknowledged benchmark for PHP established by Zend Technologies Inc. This certification is highly recognised within the industry as an indication of expertise in PHP technologies. It tests the knowledge of PHP and the real-life experience of the candidate.

There are only a relatively small number of Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Developers in the world, with only around 400 in the UK and therefore for Magma Digital to have four of our Web Developers Zend Certified is a fantastic achievement.

The exams are created by an advisory board made from thought leaders in the PHP community. The exam questions are related to specific skills, knowledge and competencies matched to real-world job functions, see Zend Technologies Inc. for more information.

The benefits of ZCE Certification for Magma Digital

ZCE Certified Engineer PHP 5.3 Logo

This is another fantastic metric for Magma Digital in fulfilling its quality assurance programme, providing all our clients with access to first-class software development as standard!

Participating in the ZCE program helps demonstrate Magma Digital’s commitment to continuing growth and professional development of all its employees.

With the recent news that Magma Digital is hiring PHP Developers, we hope to add more names to our list of Zend Certified Engineers. We like to support and encourage our developers to continue their professional and personal development. That’s why all developers who join our team will have the opportunity and expectation of working towards becoming ZCE PHP 5.3 certified.

Once again, congratulations Alan!

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