Why We Love our Communities and PHPNW13

PHP North West Conference 2013 Opening KeynoteOver the years, we have written blog posts describing our support for the communities with which we are involved. We want to make the web a better place and although we can’t do this by ourselves, we want to play our part by giving a helping hand. Last week was the 6th annual PHP North West (PHPNW) Conference where the team at Magma played a key part in the organisation of the event.

For any of you that haven’t heard of PHPNW or don’t know what it is, it’s a conference run by the PHPNW User Group for developers, by developers. The aim of the conference is to improve the web industry through new innovations and the improvement of developers skills. PHPNW is one of the largest PHP Conferences in the UK alongside PHPUK in London and PHPNE in Newcastle.

Recently Magma have embarked on a significant growth plan and as you may have witnessed, we have become a much larger team in the last 18 months. As a result of this, we had many new ‘Magma faces’ joining us this year at PHPNW13. Now that we’re back in the office post conference, we have had some time to reflect on how some of our newest additions felt about the Conference. We asked a few of our team to describe their experiences of their first PHPNW Conference and here is what they had to say:
Jen - PHP Web DeveloperJen, a PHP Developer who joined us in January explained

“coming from a non-programming background, I was initially worried that I wouldn’t have an understanding of some of the talks. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I found that Anthony Ferrera’s “Don’t be STUPID, Grasp SOLID” was brilliant, as I could relate it to some of the training scenarios that I’ve been set here at Magma. Also, I found that the buzz of the community was electric. Over the three days of the weekend there was the hackathon, Guitar Hero, Wii games and a great social scene. The passion that everyone had for the subject was compelling. It’s a definite recommendation for anyone who is a PHP expert right through to someone who just wants to know what PHP can do.”

Damien - PHP Developer at Magma DigitalDamien, our newest PHP Developer, told us:

“PHPNW13 was a fantastic experience. In particular, the quality of the talks was excellent. The presentations and tutorials had real relevance and value and I left feeling that I had lots of technologies and projects with which to explore and experiment .

I would certainly recommend PHPNW to anyone with an interest in PHP and related web technologies, both as a training and learning event, but also a social and networking event. I met many fellow PHP developers and the conference has really broadened my PHP professional network”.

Rick - Senior PHP Web DeveloperRick, our most recent Senior PHP Developer described how PHPNW13 helped him:

“Rowan’s closing keynote on ‘Building Better Developers’ allowed me to critically look at myself and how I work. It also gave me the opportunity to identify traits and pitfalls that developers can have but I’m also able to identify their strengths ┬áin order to appropriately organise Developers to build an efficient team.
I was excited by the fact I could see how other organisations work and what processes work for them. This was helpful in order to evaluate whether these would be appropriate to implement at Magma Digital.

Besides the talks it was great to have an opportunity to interact with delegates attending from large corporate companies but also the students and freelancers. Everyone had the chance to take something away from the conference no matter what experience or knowledge level they were currently at!”

So there you have it! Just a few Magma views on the conference and why we love supporting the community!

Now the buzz has begun to die down in the office, there are already talks of what’s to come for PHP North West 2014!

We are hiring more PHP Developers, if you would like to join the company behind PHPNW, visit our careers page.

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