Google Analytics & Social Media Monitoring

On 31st January, Jeremy presented a talk on Google Analytics & Social Media Monitoring.

Online presence is becoming a significant part of all our businesses. However, tracking where your enquiries are coming from can be difficult and time consuming. Google Analytics helps you to understand how many visitors your website is receiving, what areas of your website are performing best and if you are actually achieving a return on investment.

This seminar will give you an insight into some of the tools for measuring the effectiveness of your website and Social Media presence. We will cover some theory and concepts but focus on practical advice to provide you with better ways to measure your successes. Hopefully, this will in turnĀ enable you to identify any opportunities you are missing and increase the effectiveness of your website compared with your competitors.

Jeremy, won Social Media Guru of the Year in the Downtown Lancashire Business Awards 2012. He has plenty of helpful hints and tips for small businesses, including how to take your social analytics strategy to the next level.


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