Why you should talk to our PHP developers at parties

PHP Experts in Preston, Lancashire and UKOur development team have a considerable advantage over other normal web development agencies. After working here for a short while, they stop being a PHP developer and they become a PHP consultant; a business analyst even. Typically, developers gain experience by working in different companies. Each company has its own procedures, business models and idiosyncrasies. As a developer, moving around allows you to pick up new approaches and understanding of businesses. After a few years (or ten, in my case) you begin to have an understanding of what will work and what won’t when it comes to creating a profitable business.

Magma Digital creates a different type of PHP developer. A PHP developer enters, goes into a dark room for a few weeks*, and out pops a business analyst because every developer is exposed to real, business-critical issues (*There is no dark room. That would be cruel. It’s more of an isolation booth). I feel privileged to have been able to work in an environment where each client’s requirement is different and yet I can still draw from a rich pool experience to make sure that they get the best solution.

Meet PHP Developers at PartiesNo-one wants to get stuck talking to a nerd at a party. But what about a nerd who spends his or her day solving real commercial issues? They may just know the right approach to the problem that your business is currently struggling to get over because they understand both sides of the issue; the business drivers and the solutions.

Lucky for some of you, our PHP experts are attending the Manchester Digital BBQ tomorrow so if you have a problem and don’t want to get stuck talking to the wrong person find one of our team.

If you can’t get one of our PHP developers to your party or you can’t get to one we’re attending, then perhaps you could give us a call or drop into the office? We love to hear about your business and offer advice and help in return.

Call: 0845 241 6460

Email: info@magmadigital.co.uk

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