PHPNW12 – 5 years of being a Sponsor

It is an honour of ours to have sponsored this years PHPNW12 and previous PHPNW conferences. The conference was established in 2008 and has quadrupled in attendees since then, with venue changes and a range of topics & speakers. It was no surprise to us that this year was set to be one of the best yet.

As a sponsor we have had the pleasure of seeing all the attendees on the day, their enthusiasm for the topics, the speakers who want to explain more and of course the helpers who, without their assistance, the conference would not be possible.

You may not know this but the PHPNW team spend months planning the conference and to see it all develop throughout the year is fantastic. We were a Gold Sponsor for PHPNW12 and have loved every minute of the conference, from tutorial day to the closing ceremony, we got to see it all. Each year we send our developers along to attend talks and every year new ideas are formed because of it. You wouldn’t believe the enthusiasm and approaches that they come back with.

We are already on board for PHPNW13 and cannot wait to see what next years conference will bring. If you would like to see what kinds of reactions the talks get, feel free to have a look at the event page where delegates submit feedback to speakers.

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