The NHS story continues

Governing Council

Priscilla Coates, Governing Council of NHS

Priscilla Coates, Director at Magma Digital Ltd was inducted today into a voluntary position of Governing Council member for our local NHS Foundation Trust. Priscilla has a long history with the NHS and started her career working for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist back in 1996. Since then she has worked as a clinician, a project manager and in recent years as a consultant within the the Public Sector.

Priscilla continues to work for Magma Digital (as her day job!) but voluntarily will now support Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as a member of their Governing Council.

It is a privilege!

She said that “it was a privilege to work with the Trust and advocate on behalf of local people.” Priscilla hopes that her clinical, public sector and¬†commercial¬†backgrounds will help facilitate on-going change and improvements both at the NHS Trust as well as for Magma Digital.


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