Magma Digital Speaking at PHPNW

At this months PHPNW User Group, two of our developers took to the stage to present two of the seven lightning talks. The aim of these talks was similar to the philosophy of Pecha Kucha. The idea of Pecha Kucha is a simple one; 20 slides for 20 seconds per slide. Lightning talks work on a similar premise with talks lasting between 1 minute and 10 minutes, with the common limit being 5 minutes.

Adrian & Google Authenticator

PHPNW 7th August - Our PHP Experts PresentationsAdrian, Magma’s Developer Team Lead was one of the presenters at PHPNW. His talk was on Google Authenticator; an overview of why it is used and how.

“Account safety is certainly the buzz phrase of the moment, the advantages of having a 2 point security system are endless. The explanation of such a system was kept simple with the talk adhering to the time limit without skimping on detail. With examples from Demolition man of single authentication systems. The 30 second refresh of the pin needed to access the account enables extra security with minimal effort.”

Adrians Slides:

PHPNW 7th August Lightning Talks – Adrian & Google Authenticator

Michael & PHP Web Sockets

Worm - PHP Experts Web Sockets & PHPMichael, one of our  Zend Certified Engineers, also presented at the lightning talks. He spoke around web sockets with PHP using examples including PHP coding, using Worms (a series of computer games) as an example written with PHP code and Javascript.


Magma Digital are proud of their developers for their contribution to the support and development of the community.

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