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I recently travelled down to the Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre, London to attend ‘Marketing Week Live!‘.  The conference was organised by Marketing Week, a magazine providing news and opinions within the marketing industry. The aim of the conference was to provide delegates “unrivalled educational content that’s critical to career advancement, bringing thought leaders and influencers of the moment, to deliver insight and expertise from global brands”.

As an Intern at Magma Digital, I felt this would be an incredible experience to hear some practical and inspirational content that would supply me with a deeper understanding from industry brand leaders and their successful marketing campaigns.

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This was my first real exposure to such a large conference aimed specifically at my industry. Once Tuesday arrived and the show had opened it became rapidly apparent just how many other marketers equally valued this exhibition. The queue into the event was ever growing through both sides of the entrance. With the aid of a much appreciated coffee from the stand outside we finally made our way through in time to see Zoe Howarth from Coca-Cola kick off with her extremely engaging keynote on centre stage.

Zoe’s talk kickstarted the event perfectly for me, I could feel my passion for marketing burning strongly. Even from the start of her talk I knew that this would be a great event. The talk’s main point was to find the right passion that ignites your audience whilst telling a story to pass on useful information. This really stood out for me as by telling a story that your audience can relate to helps them to engage on a more personal level with your brand.

The organisers weren’t joking when they said this year’s Marketing Week Live was going to be huge! The show had over 475 exhibitors, thousands of delegates and seven different shows within the exhibition centre:

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  • Centre Stage
  • In-store Show
  • Insight Show
  • Data Marketing Show
  • Customer Loyalty and motivation Show
  • Digital Marketing Show
  • Promotional Marketing Show

This meant that there was a different for every kind of marketer who was eager to learn more about the latest trends and innovations in marketing.

After two days of constant walking, talking and note taking, I was definitely ready to make my way back home to Preston and to begin looking through my notes to see what we could put into practice at Magma Digital. The Show really injected new energy into my thinking and has helped me in my desire to push Magma Digital’s marketing even further!

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For any of you that may not know about Magma Digital (and you didn’t get to see our unique business cards) we are the leading PHP Development agency in the North West, UK. We not only initiate and complete bespoke business critical systems that help to improve efficiency, we can also turn our hands to adopt existing or failing projects to meet the same goals.

Interested? Why not explore our services and testimonials and see if we can apply our skills and abilities to your project?

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