Magma Digital in the Spotlight – An Interview with Jeremy

Picture of Jeremy Coates

Jeremy Coates, our Managing Director, recently had an in-depth conversation with Karen Hands, a Teamwork coach from Thought into Action Ltd which was recorded and is available to anybody that signs up for their Distance Learning Package.

Karen shared some of her thoughts into how our team at Magma Digital works. She began by discussing in her blog, “Teamwork for Techies” how we use our morning meetings based on the ‘scrum‘ technique to benefit both our clients and the team:-

  • We have a meeting room with no chairs, so it is always a stand-up meeting
  • We go through what we did yesterday, what we want to achieve today and what we may need help with to complete
  • The Account Managers sit in and advocate for our clients, they also pass on the most up to date information to the client
  • These meetings provide an opportunity for the team to support each other and adapt to changing circumstances

Karen goes on to describe in her second blog entitled ‘When You’ve Created a Good Team, Others Will Want to Join You‘ how at Magma Digital we have created a sense of community within the office, by taking part in social activities and running PHPNW.

PHPNW is an annual conference held in Manchester which targets everyone involved in the PHP development community. The conference is organised by developers for developers and its intention is to be the perfect opportunity for learning, networking and mixing with peers and industry leaders. The conference also offers the chance to discover the latest techniques and innovations in PHP and internet development.

Karen’s blog states that “When you encourage more than the minimum from those who work for you, you raise the risk of failure but you also create much more meaning in their success.” At Magma Digital, we are all encouraged to attend talks, conferences and various other events that add to our professional and personal development. We all believe that by supporting one another this will help us to succeed both individually and as a company.

We would like to thank Karen Hands for her lovely words about Magma Digital and our team. We love to hear people views and especially when they see us in such good light and can see our values shine through.

If you would like to know more about Magma Digital Ltd, either as a prospective client or as a Developer please do give us a ring on 0845 241 6460 or Email at

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