My First Month at Magma Digital Ltd

I had heard nothing but good things about Magma Digital before I began my apprenticeship here and when I joined, it didn’t fail to impress. I was instantly treated like part of the team and with only recently finishing my GCSE’s at 16, it was a welcoming start to my first venture into full-time work.

apprenticeships logo Learning software development here at Magma is really enjoyable, I didn’t expect to love my job so much that it feels like a new hobby. The fact I can work and learn within a company makes the whole experience a lot better than just being at college. I am able to work at my own pace and the Magma team, especially my supervisor Mark, provides me with the tools to do this, encouraging me to excel to the next level & to be the best I can.

Every day is different here, I enjoy learning the tools of web development but also just the buzz of being in the office. The morning ‘scrum’ allows me to hear what the Developers are getting up to and I get to see what happens on a daily basis. It allows me to understand the business of software development, first hand. Occasionally, I am able to sit in meetings which also helps me learn from another aspects of the job whilst still being hands on, which I wouldn’t be able to experience in a classroom or from a book.Blog Liam

Overall, my first month has been everything I expected and more. I was instantly treated as part of the family here and with help from the team and Mark, I have been able to learn and enjoy web development, it just doesn’t feel like work. I hope to be able to continuously widen my knowledge and look forward, to completing my apprenticeship with Magma and seeing what the future holds.

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