Lancashire Business Awards : We’ve been nominated…twice!

It’s always a great feeling to be recognised for your achievements, so to be nominated for two awards is fantastic! We are happy to announce that Magma Digital have been nominated for Lancashire Small Business of the Year & that our Managing Director, Jeremy Coates, has been nominated for the Social Media Guru award.

Jeremy was surprised to hear that he had been nominated “I’d never considered myself to be a Guru, I’ve always believed that the best way to learn is to do. Social Media is an area where you get in return equal to the amount you input”. We are proud of the fact that Jeremy has been nominated and have voted to help get him one step closer to winning the award.

Last years winner Social Media Guru was Shelley Redfern and Business of the Year was Euravia. The award ceremony is on 15th November if you’d like to come along and support us on the night tickets are available here .

We would love to have you vote for us, so make sure you get your vote in now!

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