Creative placeholders: Part One

Lorem ipsum has long been the standard text generator for Designers & Developers, who use it to get a feel of the layout, graphics, font etc before any real words are written.

There comes a time for every designer or web developer, where they realise just how boring Lorem Ipsum is! Recently, we came across Cupcake Ipsum, the ‘Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum generator’. What sets the tasty site apart from other online dummy text generators is that it incorporates plenty of delicious cupcake-related words aiming to make web design a little more sweet, cute and fun.

Cupcake for Lorem Ipsum generator

Cupcake Ipsum includes a few features that make it even more usable for any sweet toothed Designer or Developer. Cupcake Ipsum generates text related to cupcakes, gummi bears, marshmallows and other sweet treats. You can determine how long the text should be, set your text to start with “Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet” and integrate several instances of “love” into the text.

Below is a short example of the kinds of yummy paragraphs you can expect:

“Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet I love Caramels cake. Gummi bears marshmallow toffee dragée macaroon I love jujubes. Muffin liquorice sugar plum toffee.

Gummies gingerbread I love sweet I love bear claw toffee cotton candy. I love oat cake wafer I love chocolate oat cake bonbon chocolate jujubes. Jelly carrot cake brownie cheesecake tiramisu muffin sweet halvah. Lemon drops cookie danish ice cream fruitcake I love candy dessert I love.”

We love Cupcake ipsum so much at Magma Digital Ltd, that we use it in all our internal designs.

If you have a project and you’d love to see some deliciously sweet goodness added into your designs email or call on: 0845 241 6460

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